Astonishly God Blesses you

Bhayappedunnapole anugrahikkunna daivam

A divine message ministered in Malayalam by Prophet Tijo on how God Blesses, God Blesses you in a way that you are astonished by it.

In Everything be well

Sakalathum shubhamayirikkuka

A wonderful message from God ministered by Prophet Tijo on His will for your well being in everything.

Divine Chatisement

Daiveeka balashiksha

Prophet Tijo ministered this extraordinary message on Divine Chatisement. This message is ministered in Malayalam.

Abundant Fishes

Perutha meenkoottam

Prophet Tijo ministered this message on the Abundance of Fishes. This message was given divinely in a dream.

From Root to Branch

Veru muthal komb vare

A Divine message ministered by Prophet Tijo on the extraordinary blessing of God. God blesses you, "From Root to Branch".