Making Lives Better Through Christ


Counselling at Grace Family is a specialised healing ministry with a unique approach that is considerate, trustworthy and deep-rooted in the teachings of the scripture, led by lay leaders, Pastors, who have subjective knowledge and exceptional consideration for their given subject area.

We understand that there are times in life where you just need a helping hand. This must be the time, you need somebody to come together with and inspire you from the Bible.

All of our counsellors, whether they are pastors or laypersons, go through a rigorous training program in biblical counselling. The asset of our ministry lay in the power and knowledge of the Wonderful Counsellor, the Holy Spirit, as He works in and through our lives according to His Word.

The goal of Christian counselling is still to help people work through these problems and ultimately live a healthy and happy life.

Family Counselling

The pressures of everyday life can be challenges like looking for jobs, to achieve a balance of work and family life, and to maintain a good place to live for you and your family. Challenges you face in the Fellowhip and personal life can be stressful which may lead to anxiety, depression etc.

Help can be simple as giving you the opportunity to tell your story or developing or equipping you to begin a new journey towards a changed life. We at GFIM Counselling centre are committed to helping you find your strength and are ready to work with you to find solutions that are right for you.

We welcome all couples and families where two or more people are committed to care for one another, whether living together or apart. We offer help to support marriages and encourage strong family relationships.

We offer many classes and regularly provide insightful articles, both for families and for counsellors.


Students Counselling


Sometimes when you see your children are stressed, the road ahead can seem unclear and frightening. GFIM’s Children Counselling Programme is ready to assist you as we sort out what you and your children need, and supports you to work toward positive change.

However let us keep in mind, that the ultimate counsellor in a person's life is the Spirit of God. God uses GFIM to help others succeed in their way, to walk according to His ways.

GFIM India, turns out to be dream place where the broken-hearted, the miserable, the unsatisfied, and the confused find love, acceptance, help, hope, forgiveness, guidance and encouragement. We also communicate to parents of young children and have parenting programs as well, to help parents to address the issues of their children.

Through this Programme, we are called to consider not only God’s covenantal love but also His incredible patience and unconditional mercy toward His beloved.

Addict Support

The Addictions Support Groups at GFIM India follow a Biblical approach to any nature of addiction including, drugs and alcohol.

The groups have regular social events and believe strongly in becoming family to one another in the support they offer. All group leaders and facilitators have attended the GFIM India Counselling Course and now serve these groups and their attenders.

If you are struggling with a problem, it would not be unusual to want to see someone who is skilled at counselling. Through this ministry God has drawn men and women from the valleys of their life and given them a glimpse of what Fellowhip looks like when we let down our guard and enter the battle for each other’s soul.

Do not let pride stand in the way of experiencing what God has to offer or the call to help others. Addicts are welcome to attend all meetings (open to all addicts within our Fellowhip, regardless of church attendance or faith).